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Smile provides and specialises with helpdesk support services. We serve for IT, Telecom, Finance, Manufacturing, Order Taking, Billing and Online Sales. Smile help-desk is worldwide and available round the clock. Let us be on guard of your help desk while you contemplate on your business.

Our help desk keeps your prospects and customers pleased especially when your business is contactable 24 hours a day and receive a rapid response.

Having the competence to converse consideration towards the client is a crucial a part of bringing back the relationship between the business and the affected client.


We designate Process Managers and Quality Controllers to administer and supervise your campaigns. In-house trainers provide in-depth knowledge on customer care whereby they train staff to understand that “customer may not always be right”, but a “customer is always is a customer”. Smile you to check out our Help Desk free trial, with no obligation.


Smile Help Desk provides Appointment Setting Service, whereby a prospect requests a call back to confirm an appointment. We contact you to qualify and set the appointment prior to calling the prospect to re-confirm an appointment. This is a real-time service and may involve added costs.


We believe data is the bedrock of all businesses. At Smile you get unassailable servers to protect your data. You receive shielded login details to retrieve your data.


»»» 1st Level Tech Support

»»» Online enrolment

»»» Registration for new clients and prospects

»»» Company introduction and welcome calls

»»» Sales & Services enquiries

»»» Customer account activation and support

»»» Login details set up and reminders

»»» General Enquiries

»»» Website Navigation and support

»»» Support with billing and claims


»»» Cost effective and excellent IT support

»»» Ticketing support

»»» We offer 24 x 7 x 365 days support

»»» In-house trained agents to support English-speaking countries

»»» Bespoke greetings

»»» Reporting and Server Accessibility

»»» Cost reducing service, you may save up to 50%

»»» Active Help-Desk set up within a short period.

Please call us on 561 288 0700 or write to info@smileoutsourcing.com for information about Smile services, brochure or discussion.

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We understand that accurate data collection on our part is the only avenue to accurate decision making for you...

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Smile Outsourcing is equipped with Internet email on his or her desktop that includes instant message notification....